Newfields is committed to providing exceptional experiences with art and nature for current and future generations. We value the conservation of our environment as much as we value our artworks. In fact, sustaining life on our fragile planet is part of our mission.  

We’re in a unique position to lead by example because of our status as an institution. We take that seriously.

Over the years, we’ve made great strides toward sustainability. For example, Newfields joined:

  • the Central Indiana Clean Air Partnership, where we achieved gold-level membership by making more than 10 commitments to improve local air quality.
  • the Indiana Recycling Coalition, which helped us improve source reduction, reuse, and recycling activities.
  • the Center for Plant Conservation, because we’re dedicated to removing invasive species and helping Indiana’s native flora and fauna thrive. 
  • the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership, where our voluntary membership underscores our commitment to use green power wherever feasible.

Our dedicated efforts to reduce energy consumption led to a wide range of green technologies and strategies.  

Not only did they work, they reduced our annual operating budget by more than $200,000. Read on for extensive details about the greening of Newfields, department by department.