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Newfields announced its comprehensive Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access (DEIA) action plan this past March. Developed with input from employees, docents and volunteers, and the community, it reflects our commitment to advancing DEIA values, policies, and practices institution-wide and across Newfields’ relationships with the community.


Building a stronger relationship with the people of Indianapolis is a priority. This begins with communicating regularly about the progress we make in implementing the plan and actively seeking your feedback.


With that in mind, here we share an update and summary of our activities to date. While we know there is still so much more to be accomplished, we are working every day with the shared mission of making Newfields a place where everyone feels welcome, and where all our guests, no matter who they are, feel a deeper connection to our institution and what they experience here.     


For a more detailed report on these efforts, we invite you to review our six month status report which can be found HERE



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Our Community

  • Dr. Sean L. Huddleston

    Dr. Sean L. Huddleston

    Dr. Sean L. Huddleston, chair of the new Newfields Community Advisory Committee (CAC), shared an update on his work to form the committee, and sought feedback from, all Newfields staff on May 7. The committee has begun to meet and provide guidance on initiatives such as the Neighborhood Membership. Members of the committee come from a diverse range of community organizations and businesses, and also include artists and staff. 

  • Free First Thursdays presented by Bank of America

    Free First Thursdays presented by Bank of America

    With the launch of our new Action Plan in March, Newfields extended our monthly Free First Thursdays presented by Bank of America to year around and all-day free general admission. At April and May's Free First Thursday, nearly 2,000 guests visited Newfields for our first and second expanded free days. We encourage all guests to visit on the first Thursday of every month to enjoy free general admission to the Newfields campus.

  • Listening Hours

    Listening Hours

    Newfields Trustees and Governors hosted the first Listening Hours session on May 6, speaking with guests and listening to their feedback about the DEIA work underway. This firsthand feedback, including scheduling sessions outside of work hours to allow more people to attend, and providing more advance notice of when Listening Hours will occur, has been shared with Newfields leadership. Additionally, guests shared optimism about our DEIA plan, but also noted that the real measure of our success will be in the results. We are grateful for all of the feedback we received on May 6 and look forward to continuing these important conversations. The next Listening Hours session will be held on June 3 at Newfields, from 4 PM to 7 PM.

  • Art in Bloom

    Art in Bloom

    We enhanced and extended the new Art in Bloom exhibition and programming in late April celebrating the work of diverse and inspiring floral designers and artists from Indianapolis, Chicago and beyond. During the inaugural weekend-long event we partnered with 12 different community partners to distribute over 2,000 free tickets. The total attendance for Art in Bloom was more than 8,000 across four days. Newfields look forward to continuing this program in the years to come.

  • Easter Weekend

    Easter Weekend

    Over Easter weekend, we partnered with Ivy Tech Community College, The MLK Center, The Villages of Indiana, and IU School of Medicine to provide more than 1,000 free general admission tickets to Spring Blooms and also provided ticket holders with a complimentary picnic lunch.

  • Partner Ticket Distribution

    Partner Ticket Distribution

    More than 6,100 complimentary tickets to Spring Blooms and 5,000 tickets to THE LUME Indianapolis have been distributed this year. An additional 5,000 tickets to Harvest, 5,000 tickets to Winterlights, and 5,000 tickets to
    THE LUME Indianapolis in January – February 2022 are scheduled for distribution.



Darrianne Christian Headshot

Newfields' Board of Trustees Board Chair, Darrianne Christian

At Newfields' 138th Annual Meeting, the Board of Trustees elected Darrianne Christian as the new chair. Christian is the first Black woman to lead Newfields and among the first to lead a major art museum and culture institution in the United States. She has been the driving force behind Newfields’ work to transform itself into an empathetic, multicultural and anti-racist institution. Christian, a technology business owner, community volunteer and philanthropist, along with her husband was the visionary and lead benefactor for the creation of DePauw University’s Justin and Darrianne Christian Center for Diversity and Inclusion, which opened in 2017.  


“I can see and feel the change beginning at Newfields. It’s coming from our community, our employees, and from leaders bringing in new perspectives. This is a wonderful institution, and I want every person, regardless of who they are or where they live, to not just feel welcome here, but to see themselves reflected in what Newfields offers. We can do better and I will work every day to make this the community anchor Indianapolis deserves,” said Board of Trustees Chair, Darrianne Christian


Some of the initiatives and programs underway at Newfields to promote inclusivity:

  • Creating a new $20-million endowment for the works of underrepresented and marginalized artists
  • Established a new Community Advisory Committee
  • Increasing diversity on the Board of Trustees and continuing a focus on diversity on the Board of Governors
  • Hiring a senior-level diversity executive, reporting to the President and CEO, with authority to oversee DEIA efforts as well as bring more diverse vendors and suppliers to Newfields
  • Creating a new Neighborhood Membership providing free admission to area residents
  • Expanding our complimentary membership program to include more community partners, and expanding distribution of free tickets to programs and events
  • Implementing DEIA training for every leader, staff, docent and volunteer
  • Conducting a top-to-bottom review of the institution led by outside DEIA experts
  • Improving our recruitment, retention and promotion of/for/by Black, Latino/a/x, Indigenous, Women, People with Disabilities, LGBTQIA, and other marginalized identities at all staff levels
  • Continuing our efforts to implement Newfields’ $18 minimum wage to provide for a livable income for all full-time staff
  • Newfields is actively working to enhance its commitment to DEIA across every level of the organization, starting at the top. Following the election of new trustees at Newfields’ May 19 Annual Meeting, nearly 25% of trustees will come from communities of color and other marginalized identities (an increase from the current 8%).
  • 50% of the Board of Trustees have completed extensive anti-racism training with the Racial Equity Institute (REI); remaining board members are enrolled in REI’s late May and June sessions.
  • Our expert partner, PINK Consulting, is working to complete an assessment of Newfields’ DEIA training needs. PINK launched a customized training program for all staff, leadership, docents, and volunteers in September. 85% of staff have provided input to PINK’s assessment which has been shared with Newfields leadership.
  • All future programming, including for THE LUME Indianapolis, is being evaluated through a DEIA lens to ensure it reflects the diverse experiences and identities of our community. Over the last six months:
    • Spring Blooms was enhanced to include a weekend event for community partner organizations including Ivy Tech Community College, The MLK Center, The Villages of Indiana, and IU School of Medicine.
    • The annual Art in Bloom exhibition was expanded to a weekend-long event featuring works by more floral designers from across the country and new experiential programming.
    • The 2021 Summer Nights lineup was selected in collaboration with guest curator and film scholar, Coye Lloyd. Lloyd has a master's degree in Film Studies from Ohio University and worked with Newfields on a film project for MLK Day 2021.
  • THE LUME Indianapolis— Every element of the THE LUME's operation and programming will reflect Newfields’ commitment to its DEIA goals. From the 10,0000 complimentary tickets that we will distribute annually through our community partners, to the awards program that will recognize local artists from marginalized backgrounds with a cash prize and dedicated exhibition space, our efforts in this regard are expansive, deliberate, and carefully considered. Among all the work underway, Newfields is focused on the following initiatives:
    • Job Placement: Exploring the creation of an employment program to fill nearly three-dozen permanent jobs in collaboration with new and existing partners.
    • Procurement: Committed to prioritizing certified XBE businesses in the procurement of goods and services needed to operate and manage THE LUME; the development of a formal policy is underway.
    • Educational Opportunities: Planning the design of integrated arts and technology curricula, as well as other educational programming for students.
    • Access: Expanding the Neighborhood Membership, which is in development, to include free admission to THE LUME; designated that complimentary preview days and community night, will be offered to neighborhood residents and community partners.
    • Curatorial/Programming: Efforts to define the program and schedule for THE LUME Artist Award Competition are underway. Launching in 2022, the award will recognize local digital artists from marginalized backgrounds with a cash prize and featurette dedicated to the exhibition of their work.
  • The Newfields Board of Trustees Art Committee will meet this summer to develop an aggressive plan for acquiring works by Black, Indigenous, and artists of color, and artists from other marginalized backgrounds. Funded with the proceeds from the $20 million endowment Newfields created for and dedicated entirely to this purpose in March, these important future acquisitions will help to ensure our permanent collection reflects our community and the full canon of art history, in all their diversity.
  • Newfields launched a speaker series designed to enrich our thinking about DEIA implementation, featuring scholars and experts from the arts and culture industry. Open to leadership and staff alike, the first event in this series was held in August.
    • Newfields senior leaders are in dialogue with representatives of other museums who are engaged in similar work. The goal of these meetings is for us to gain insights from peers about DEIA implementation and community engagement best practices.
  • Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana
  • Christamore House
  • Concord Neighborhood Center
  • Edna Martin Christian Center
  • Eskenazi Health Center: Grassy Creek
  • Eskenazi Health Center: Pecar
  • Eskenazi Health Center: West 38th Street
  • Fay Biccard Glick Neighborhood Center
  • Fletcher Place Community Center
  • Groundworks Indy
  • Growing Places
  • Hawthorne Community Center
  • Indiana Youth Group
  • Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center
  • Indy Public Safety Foundation
  • IUSM GME Program
  • Ivy Tech Community College
  • Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis
  • John H. Boner Community Center
  • La Plaza
  • Lawrence Community Garden
  • Martin Luther King Community Center
  • Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center
  • Riverside Park
  • Southeast Community Services
  • Teenworks
  • The Villages of Indiana
  • United Way of Central Indiana

Upcoming Events

October 29, 2021

Juan de Pareja: A Painter’s Story

Indianapolis Museum of Art Galleries
Museum Hours

Take a deep dive into the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s recently acquired painting, Dog with candles and lilies (early 1660s), by Spanish painter Juan de Pareja.

November 4, 2021

Newfields Listening Hours - November

Indianapolis Museum of Art Galleries
12 p.m. - 3 p.m.

Listening Hours is program designed to give members and guests an opportunity to meet and provide feedback directly to Newfields’ leadership about our new DEIA action plan through one-on-one conversations.

Newfields' Mission

To enrich lives through exceptional experiences with Art & Nature.

Newfields' Values

Stewardship • Inclusivity • Service • Excellence

Stewardship: We create a vibrant Newfields for current and future generations. We accomplish this with a sustainable financial model, a well-maintained campus, well stewarded collections, and environmentally-responsible business practices.

Inclusivity: We welcome diverse audiences and ideas. We provide thoughtful, inclusive programming that is accessible to the residents of our community, as well as opportunities for individuals and companies through our hiring and procurement practices.

Service: We believe the guest is our first priority. We treat each visitor, member, volunteer, employee, and donor as an individual, and personalize our guests’ experiences.

Excellence: We strive to offer the best of nature and the arts. We aim high and constantly innovate to exceed the expectations of our guests, employees, volunteers, and donors.

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