Let Love Bloom 

This spring, we invite you to honor someone you love by dedicating a Bloom-struck planter or heritage tree in their name. Just like The Garden, we all have people who love and care for us, who make our lives more colorful and encourage us to bloom bigger and brighter. Your donation helps The Garden at Newfields do the same, season after season.  

Your special place in The Garden will be marked with a customized plaque recognizing you and your honoree, plus an optional personalized message so you can share your feelings in your own words. You and your honoree will also receive a card to recognize your dedication, including a map so you can find its location in The Garden when you visit. Throughout Bloom-struck, Newfields horticulture experts will curate each planter with colorful and vibrant plants appropriate for the season. All dedications will remain in The Garden beginning with Spring Blooms, and  continuing through Harvest. You will receive a digital photo of your dedication during the summer and your nameplate will be mailed to you when winter comes.

To begin the Bloom-struck checkout process, please fill out and submit the Bloom-struck registration form.

2021 Bloom-struck FAQs

Q: How much is a Bloom-struck dedication? 

A: Planters are priced at $300, $500, or $700 depending on their size and location. For $1,200, you can dedicate a majestic 50-foot heritage tree. 

Q: What does a Bloom-struck planter look like throughout the planting season? 

A: The flowers in your planter will start blooming in March and typically peak in April. Then, Newfields horticulturists will replant for the summer and tend to the planters until autumn. Heritage trees will bud and change colors throughout the season, with select trees eventually lighting up for Winterlights. 

Q: What can I expect in a Bloom-struck planter?  

A: There will be colorful varieties of tulips, daffodils, pansies, and more during spring; then, lush ferns and tropical foliage are planted for summer and fall.  

Q: What will my planter look like?  

A: Your Bloom-struck planter waxes and wanes throughout the season, with weather and growth cycles determining what they look like on a given day. Planters may take time to fully flourish, but Newfields horticulturists ensure that they are as beautiful and varied as Mother Nature herself. 

Dawn Knipe.JPG          Barbara Burris.JPG