The Garden
open 11 AM - 8 PM

More than half a million blooms. But not just flowers. Bird songs, beer, wine and fresh air, light jackets, music, stretched legs—and flowers. Designers carefully orchestrated the show so there’s always something new to discover.  Visit now, before it changes again. Open to all, free to members.

Exotic, traditional, the fresh, the familiar, still life, real life—it’s in the IMA the Garden and Fairbanks Park. 

Pollinator Survey

Newfields is collecting data on pollinators and we need your help. By collecting information on the pollinating insects visiting Newfields, we'll learn how they are using our campus and find ways to continue to support pollinator diversity in The Garden and The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park. We will be sharing our data with local partners and national organizations to support pollinators nationwide.


Pollinator Survey

June 25, 2020-October 11, 2020

Anders Ruhwald: Century Garden

The Garden Museum Hours

The Garden at Newfields will turn tropical this summer with Century Garden, an installation of five colorful vignettes by ceramic artist Anders Herwald Ruhwald.