Accessibility Tours

Newfields is committed to providing the highest quality visit for each and every guest.

Public Accessibility Tours

The following tours are offered on a quarterly basis. Reservations are requested at least a week in advance of the tour.

Touch and Audio Descriptive Public Tours

Tours are offered on a quarterly basis for individuals who are blind or partially sighted.  The tour is designed to give guests – along with their family, companions, or caregivers – the opportunity to engage in discussions of works of art in our permanent collection through the use of touch and/or descriptive narration and participant interaction.  Current 2018-2019 tour dates are the following Saturdays at 2:30 pm:  October 20, 2018, March 16, 2019, and June 15, 2019.  Reservations are required and can be made by emailing This tour will not take place if there are no pre-registered guests.

ASL Interpreted Public Tours

American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation of our regularly-scheduled public tour will be offered on the following Sundays at 1 pm:  October 21, 2018, February 17, 2019, and May 19, 2019.  ASL interpreters are provided by Deaf Community Services through Easterseals Crossroads.  Reservations are required and can be made by emailing This tour will not be ASL interpreted if there are no pre-registered guests.

Scheduled Accessibility Tours

The following tours may be scheduled for a date and time that works best for your group.  Guided tours are free with admission.  To schedule a tour, group leaders should complete the Adult Group Tour Request Form, here. Questions may be directed to our Coordinator of School and Group Services at or you may contact Allie Combs by phone at 317-920-2679.

Tours for Guests With Sight Impairment - Touch & Audio Descriptive Tour

The Touch & Audio Descriptive tour is an accessible tour program for people who are blind or possess low vision. These gallery tours are designed to give individuals of all ages and abilities – along with their family, companions or caregivers – the opportunity to engage in a discussion of works of art in our permanent collection through the use of touch and/or descriptive narration and participant interaction. For the touch portion of the tour, guests are provided with nitrile gloves to wear as their touching is guided by docents who describe the work of art. Note that this tour requires a 3-week notice.

Tours for Guests With Limited Mobility - A Garden Experience for Everyone: Limited Mobility and Sight Tour

A garden tour that focuses only on (you got it) the Garden for Everyone! Could you tell by the title? The tour is customizable to the needs of the groups and/or can involve other areas of the Newfields campus. We can include a short walk to the Overlook Garden which is suitable for those in wheelchairs, the elderly or those concerned about walking on uneven terrain. This tour lasts an hour more or less, depending on the group. Available April – October.

Tours for Guests With Early-Stage Alzheimer’s or Dementia - Connections

This tour is ideal for Adult Day Care and Memory Units hoping to provide an interactive experience for their guests or residents. Best suited for individuals with early- stage Alzheimer’s and dementia, our specially trained docents will provide warm, friendly, facilitated conversations about artworks in the Indianapolis Museum of Art's collection. Family, friends or care providers are welcome to attend.

Don't forget! Newfields is closed during daytime hours on Thanksgiving Day. Newfields will be open in the evening for Winterlights and will reopen during daytime hours on Friday, November 27. Winterlights is sold out Thursday, November 26 through Saturday, November 28.