Image Resources

Image reproductions of Newfields' collections, gardens, and buildings may be licensed for scholarly, commercial, or personal uses. Many images of public domain works are available for free download from the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields' collection pages. Simply look for the download icon to access a high resolution JPG file and begin using the image for any purpose. If you require a high quality TIFF file for your publication or product, please email us at All other requests are reviewed on an individual basis and fees may apply.

  • Requests must be submitted at least eight weeks prior to the date the image(s) are needed to ensure adequate processing time. Additional time may be required if object(s) require relocation from the galleries or conservation assistance to prepare the object(s) for new photography.
  • Requests must include the name of the requester, intended use, author(s) and publisher(s), anticipated date of publication, requested collection image, and photography format requirements.
  • Images will not be provided to the requester until the payment of fees, if applicable, is received by Newfields.
  • Copying or redistributing images of Newfields' collection, gardens, and buildings in any form for personal or corporate commercial gain is prohibited.
  • Newfields reserves the right to refuse permission for inappropriate use and to charge fees different from those presented on this site.
  • For more information regarding image reproductions of the Newfields' collection, gardens, and buildings, please contact the Newfields' Rights and Reproduction Department at



Includes, but is not limited to, books, exhibition catalogues, and similar publications by libraries, museums, and non-profit organizations; public-television broadcasts; and other items made available to a relatively limited audience.


Includes, but is not limited to, for-profit publications; textbooks, trade books, reference books, supplemental course readers, and curriculum materials for K-12; motion pictures, commercial television, and video productions; large-circulation or mass-market magazines; printed or televised advertisements; calendars, posters, museum reproductions, postcards, and note cards; other items made available to a relatively wide audience.


Includes, but is not limited to, study, educational, or research purposes only and may not be published or reproduced.


Image reproductions must be accompanied by the credit line supplied by the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Public domain collection images downloaded from the Indianapolis Museum of Art's collection pages should be credited: “Image courtesy of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.”

Additional caption information is provided with the downloaded image files and image use contracts, if applicable.


While there are no restrictions or conditions for the use of downloadable public domain images, the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields would appreciate receiving a gratis copy of publications containing collection works in order to retain the record of how image reproductions are utilized.

Please send copies to the attention of:

Rights and Reproductions Department
Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields
4000 Michigan Road
Indianapolis, IN 46208


Please note that in many cases the Indianapolis Museum of Art owns only the physical object, and does not assume responsibility for intellectual property, including copyright, or any other legal issues involved in the publication and reproduction of items in its collection. The Indianapolis Museum of Art’s preparation and/or reproduction charges do not include any fees due to the copyright owner or administrator (artist, representing gallery, estate, etc.). While the Rights and Reproductions Department will assist the applicant with contact information, it is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain permission from the copyright owner or administrator.