Step into the Seasons of Japan

Throughout 2019, a year of exhibitions and experiences will unfold across campus. Seasons of Japan will weave offerings through the galleries and garden including colorful orchids, Japanese fashion, a pop up tea house, noodle shop, and so much more. 

To kick it off, Step into the Seasons of Japan, invites guests into an interactive experience. This fun, mesmerizing installation was created by a cross-departmental team to introduce guests to the four seasons of the Japanese landscape. Upon entering the gallery, they'll be greeted by traditional plant life, followed by a window view from a Japanese interior.  Approaching a touch screen, guests will unlock the magic of Teika’s Poems for the Twelve Months, a living painting. Guests can trigger surprising animations and sounds like birds chirping, snow falling, and boats rowing.

Come live the Japanese landscape, then return to see, touch, and taste the many offerings of Seasons of Japan at Newfields. 



Step into the Seasons of Japan is made possible in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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