Member FAQ

Membership Cards

Q. How long will it take to receive my membership card?

A.  Membership cards take approximately four to six weeks to arrive in the mail. They come attached to an acknowledgment letter that you can use for tax purposes (your membership dues are fully tax deductible). If you have not received your card after 6 weeks, call us at 317-920-2651 or email and we will get everything sorted out. In the meantime, you can use an old membership card, or ask for a temporary card at the Welcome Desk.

Q. What if I want to visit, but don’t have my card yet?

A. No worries. Once you have purchased your membership, you can visit the museum at any time. Just give your first and last name when you check in at the Welcome Desk. Our friendly Hospitality Associates will look you up, and you’ll be off exploring in no time.

Digital Membership Cards

Q. When will I receive my digital membership card?

You’ll get your digital membership card within 2-3 days after you join or renew your membership. If you haven’t received your digital membership card after two weeks, email and we’ll re-send it to you.

Q. How will I receive my digital membership card?

The cards will come in an email from Newfields with a link to download your new digital membership card straight into your Apple Wallet (if you have an iPhone) or Wallet Passes (if you have an Android, must be downloaded from the Play Store). If your email has a sensitive spam filter, be sure to add "" to your address book.

Q. How do I use my digital membership card?

Open the card in Apple Wallet or Wallet Passes, and present your phone just like you would your physical card whenever you visit Newfields. On the “back” of the card, you can see all of your member benefits.

Q. How will my secondary member get his/her card?

(For Duo and above.) You'll receive a separate email and card for both members on your account at the email address you gave when you signed up for the membership. You can forward the secondary member the email with his/her card to download. Or, you can download both cards and share the card from Apple Wallet or Wallet Passes by clicking "share pass" on the back of the card.

Q. What’s the difference between a regular membership and a digital membership?

Members receive a digital membership card in addition to their physical membership card and printed mailings, including the Newfields magazine. Digital members will only receive a digital membership card, emailed communication, and a digital version of the magazine. Digital members save $10 on their membership dues – call us at 317-920-2651 or visit us to learn more.

How To Download Your Digital Membership Card

Whether your an iPhone or Android user, here's how to download your digital membership card. 



Navigating the Website

Q. How do I log into my account?

  • Go to the “Give and Join” tab
  • Select “Join”
  • Scroll down the page and click the “My Account” button
  • Enter your email and your password
  • If you're logging into your account for the first time or don't remember your password, click "I don't know my password" and enter the email you gave when you signed up to be a member. 

Q. How do I update or edit my information?

A. Once you are logged into your account, go to “Account Profile” and click “Edit” (located in the top right-hand corner). Under “Sign-In Info”, you can edit your email and password.

Q. How can I renew my membership (or upgrade to a different one)?

A. To renew or upgrade, log in to your account, and simply click add the membership you would like to your cart. Once you’re in your cart, you’ll click “commit to buy” to complete your purchase.

Other Great Questions

Q. Can I use my membership to bring a guest to the museum?

Unless you are a Solo or Student member, you can name up to two adults on your membership account. If you or your co-member isn’t present, the other member can bring a guest in his/her place. At the Host level and above, you can bring two more adult friends or family members – talk about a party.

Q. Can another person use my membership when I’m not there?

A. One person on the membership account must be present in order to access the museum. The only exception is when the person using the membership is between the age of 15 and 17 (15 is the youngest age that a minor can visit while unaccompanied by an adult).

Q: How do you determine my expiration date? What happens if I renew my membership early?

Your membership is active through the last day of the month the year after you purchase it. If you decide to renew early (maybe a really great deal pops up in your inbox), your membership will extend an additional year from its current expiration date.

Q. How often should I expect to receive mail from Newfields?

In an effort to save a few trees, most of our updates will arrive via email. Expect to see an e-newsletter in your inbox about every other week. You’ll also receive a magazine in the mail three times a year.

Q. Does my membership allow me to visit other museums?

A. As its name might suggest, the Explorer level of membership allows you to visit a variety of museums and gardens around North America. (We know we’re still your favorite). Donor Circle members also receive reciprocal benefits – among many others. To learn more about your reciprocal benefits, click here

Q. Is there a way to put multiple mailing addresses and/or and emails on my account?

A. To make sure we have everything right with your account, there can only be one mailing address and email address per membership.

Q: Is there a student discount for Newfields memberships?

A: You can join as a Student Member at the Welcome Desk for only $35 with a valid student ID. If you’re a student at any Marion County University (Butler University, Marian University, Christian Theological Seminary, University of Indianapolis, Martin University and IUPUI) you’re eligible for a free Student Membership.