Young Actors Theater: The Playground

Young Actors Theater: The Playground

Young Actors Theatre, a Performance Residency partner in The Toby at Newfields, presents the Playground, a four-month theatre-immersion experience hosted twice yearly. Under adult mentorship, YAT students are the script writers, actors, costume designers, videographers and assistant directors.

Saturday, January 27 - 1 pm, Sleeping Beauty / 3 pm, 12 Dancing Princesses

Sunday, January 28 - 2 pm, Sleeping Beauty / 4 pm, 12 Dancing Princesses

Sleeping Beauty

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Sleeping Beauty, banished from the outside world for her own protection, keeps the earth turning with her power of flight. Or so she believes. As she grows older, her stories of flight are met with doubt. As she begins to question everything, Beauty walks into the Evil Godmother's trap and falls into a deep sleep. Who could possibly wake her from this spell?

12 Dancing Princesses

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In the future, the world is divided between Reality and the Dance. Reality is full of problems and obstacles, the Dance is freedom. Ceres escapes her troubles by plugging into the Dance but what happens when the Dance won’t let go?

January 27 & 28
The Toby
FREE, ages 18 and under
$15 Adults

About Young Actors Theatre

Young Actors Theatre was established in 1976 as a place to empower youth for life. We have been teaching, creating, producing, innovating, and playing in Downtown Indianapolis since then, and we are here to stay! 

We serve 37,000 individuals and have a 92% return enrollment rate.

We produce innovative, original work by youth and for youth. But we are more than a theatre, and our young actors are more than students. Young Actors Theatre students are Model Citizens in the Capital City. We need a way to train students to be life-long learners, to be endlessly curious, to take matters into their own hands and to remind them that learning is the key to unlocking their future. We need a place to provide theatrical opportunities that instill confidence, creativity, and discipline in youth. We have created that place at Young Actors Theatre, and we call our process Self-Empowerment Theatre

Winter 2018

Winter Performance and Film Series


Can a concert happen in a gallery? Can ballet feel industrial? What does a piano sound like with an E-bow? What's an E-bow?