Walter Lobyn Hamilton What I Have You Have

Walter Lobyn Hamilton What I Have You Have
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What I Have You Have is a visual memoir of interconnectivity through which Walter Lobyn Hamilton explores family, perception, and experience through time, genre, and memory. The six flag-like works that compose the exhibition are created from vinyl records, album spines, and album covers. Together, they interrogate cultural memory—what we remember, who we remember, why we remember who we remember, how we remember, and what we chose to forget or misremember—via a visual representation of deconstructed sonic memories. Hamilton asks the audience to consider their own personal narratives, perspectives, reflections, and delusions received within the work. These considerations may guide their journey through the exhibition.  Guests are further encouraged to disconnect from distractions and immerse themselves in their own personal considerations while they experience the works. 

This exhibition extends beyond the walls of the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields, and guests are invited to explore the exhibition’s community partner sites including the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, University of Indianapolis, and Indianapolis Central Library.   


The B-SIDE Creative Campus is an extension of Hamilton’s creative practice and is centered on the principle of creative care. The mission of B-SIDE is to provide care to communities, creatives, and the creative economy by building and facilitating live/work spaces for creatives in addition to providing for their personal and professional needs.  To learn more about B-SIDE and its mission visit 


A number of free tickets to view What I Have You Have will be available to pick up at the B-SIDE Creative Campus and community partner sites.  


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Open through May 19, 2024
Indianapolis Museum of Art Galleries at Newfields
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Hear a playlist curated for your listening pleasure. All songs were selected by Walter Lobyn Hamilton and music historian Kyle Long.


On June 8, 2023, the artist sat down with Newfields' President and CEO, Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette, to talk about his life, art and the exhibition, What I Have You Have



Walter Lobyn Hamilton (American, b. 1985), Rock and Roll: I Wonder What Happened to the Girl Who Said I Listened to White Music, 2021, wood, vinyl records, vinyl albums, record player, 15.75ft wide x 7.5ft tall x 6in deep. Loan from the artist. © Walter Lobyn Hamilton.