Portraits of Our City

Portraits of Our City
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What can a photography portrait tell us about a person? What can you learn from someone by asking them a single question? What can the dreams of a city’s residents tell us about the city?

Portraits of Our City discusses these questions with an exhibition featuring hundreds of black and white photographs of local residents and invites the community to discover human connections through people and place. This exhibition is a conversation between Indianapolis residents and an exploration of the people that make up our city, using one question as a jumping off point. The answers to that question, captured with still photographs and audio, become the exhibition.

Discover the soul of our city and take part in a dialogue on what a portrait can reveal about a person’s hopes, fears, and memories. In turn, discuss what these things tell us about Indianapolis.

October 27, 2017–December 2, 2018
Indianapolis Museum of Art Galleries
Included with Admission
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