Pop Up: Noodle Shop

Pop Up: Noodle Shop
Thursday-Sunday | Museum Hours

Pop Up: Noodle Shop is a curated culinary art exhibition exploring a hot topic, ramen. The second of Newfields’ 2019 Pop Ups, Noodle Shop will serve traditional and innovative variations of this Japanese staple in a gallery setting. Most people know Ramen in its college-favorite, “instant” form but Newfields Culinary Arts team will be making their own noodles and broth from locally-sourced Indiana ingredients. A bowl at the pop up offers comfort and draws attention to complex flavors, while showcasing that complexity doesn’t necessarily mean fancy. Beyond the bowls of broth and noodle, guests can try beer, cocktails and sake. 

Please note: Emma Noodles are made fresh, in limited quantities, each day. If they sell out, you can substitute rice noodles in any ramen bowl.

June 1 - September 1
Indianapolis Museum of Art Galleries
Included with Admission
Free for Members