Monarch Tagging with Indiana Wildlife Federation

Monarch Tagging with Indiana Wildlife Federation
6 - 8 PM

Do your part to aid environmentalists in monarch conservation efforts by gently catching and tagging Super Generation Monarchs as they make their journey from Canada to Mexico. This event is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the spectacular creatures, spend time in nature, and give back to the earth. All ages and experience levels are welcome to participate.

An expert from Indiana Wildlife Federation will teach you how to gently capture butterflies with nets and affix a small, numbered sticker on the hindwing. Data collected will be used by Monarch Watch to determine the pathways taken by migrating monarchs, the influence of weather on the migration and the survival rate of the monarchs. All ages are welcome to participate, but younger volunteers may require help from experts when handling butterflies. A limited number of nets are available, so you are welcome to bring your own. 

Saturday, September 16 & Saturday, September 23, 2023
The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park at Newfields
Free for members & public
No tickets required
Meet by Free Basket, entrance off 38th street