Kate Wallich & The YC: Industrial Ballet

Kate Wallich & The YC: Industrial Ballet
8 pm

Traveling all the way from Seattle, Kate Wallich and The YC bring their edgy industrial ballet to the Newfields campus. Featuring dark, shadowy stage sets, transgressive industrial music, and dark outfits, this show will truly be a first of its kind in Indy.

Kate Wallich is a Seattle-based choreographer, director, and educator. Industrial Ballet is an evening-length dance and live music super-show deeply inspired by the transgressive industrial music of the ‘80s and ‘90s. Her company, The YC is joined by a stellar group of musicians in this darkly glittering large-scale production. Industrial Ballet was commissioned and produced by Velocity Dance Center with underwriting from Case Van Rij in partnership with Seattle Theater Group. Original music composed by Johnny Goss of Cock + Swan.

Friday, March 2 and Saturday, March 3
The Toby
$25-$35 M
$30-$40 P
Winter 2018

Winter Performance and Film Series


Can a concert happen in a gallery? Can ballet feel industrial? What does a piano sound like with an E-bow? What's an E-bow?