Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage
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Come stroll The Garden at Newfields and relish in the sights, fragrances, and sensations of fall. Discover new color every day as the colors transform with the season, from the blaze of the red maples to the golden glow of the giant maidenhair tree and the coppery hues of the dawn redwood. 

What if you miss the foliage at its peak? We’re so glad you asked. The kaleidoscope of colors is only part of the experience this fall in The Garden.

Delight all of your the senses as you stroll peaceful garden paths. Explore the diverse textures of bark decorating the trees, varying from the silky smooth of beech trees to the peeling orange strips of the paperbark maples. Find a patch of leaves that have recently fallen and hear the way they crunch beneath wandering feet. Take in the sugary scent of the katsura trees as their leaves drop, filling the air with the aroma of burnt sugar or chocolate (the smell is in the nose of the beholder). Grab a seasonal brew at the Beer Garden and enjoy all that fall has to offer.

There is always something incredible to discover just around the corner in The Garden at Newfields.

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