Artists Among Us: Season Two

Artists Among Us: Season Two
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Newfields is proud to present Artists Among Us: Season Two, the ongoing exhibition of artwork by our incredibly talented team members.  

A wide range of media and styles are present in Artists Among Us: Season Two, including paintings, drawings, and sculptures, as well as textile arts, found objects, and the written word. The diverse materials and approaches reflect the breadth and depth of the exceptional minds at Newfields.   

Artists Among Us: Season Two is an opportunity for you to get to know us, who we are and what makes us tick, beyond our work bringing life to exhibitions, programs, and festivals at Newfields.   

June 23, 2023 - March 24, 2024
<i>Being with Blue</i>
Being with Blue

<i>On Being Immortal</i>
On Being Immortal


<i>My Window</i>
My Window

<i>St. James United Church, Montreal, Quebec</i>
St. James United Church, Montreal, Quebec

<i>Long Tail</i>
Long Tail


<i>Project Fun Guy</i>
Project Fun Guy


<i>Rock n' Roll</i>
Rock n' Roll


<i>Shadow Concert</i>
Shadow Concert

<i>A Light Dinner</i>
A Light Dinner

<i>Never be LOVE</i>
Never be LOVE

<i>Above the Tree Tops</i>
Above the Tree Tops

<i>Queer Joy</i>
Queer Joy

<i>The Desert</i>
The Desert

<i>Nicolette(Nikki WWII)</i>
Nicolette(Nikki WWII)

<i>Homage to Picasso - Musketeer and Cupid</i>
Homage to Picasso - Musketeer and Cupid

<i>Turning Red </i>
Turning Red



<i>Lady of the Lillies</i>
Lady of the Lillies

<i>A Long Way from Home</i>
A Long Way from Home

<i>Ciaran's Planchette</i>
Ciaran's Planchette

<i>Edwardian Tea Gown</i>
Edwardian Tea Gown

<i>Door Pull #1</i>
Door Pull #1


<i>Beautiful Endings</i>
Beautiful Endings

<i>Cathead Basket with Quatrefoil Design</i>
Cathead Basket with Quatrefoil Design

<i>Camp Dorothy</i>
Camp Dorothy

<i>Light, Lead the Way</i>
Light, Lead the Way


<i>I Found This in the Attic</i>
I Found This in the Attic

<i>Incomplete Kisses</i>
Incomplete Kisses

<i>Deep in the Corners of Èze</i>
Deep in the Corners of Èze

<i>Good Health</i>
Good Health

<i>I Am Here</i>
I Am Here

<i>Nicolette Covered in Burden</i>
Nicolette Covered in Burden



<i>Forgotten Shore</i>
Forgotten Shore

<i>Places I Rest</i>
Places I Rest

<i>Avocado and Toast</i>
Avocado and Toast

<i>Untitled (wu wei)</i>
Untitled (wu wei)

<i>The Shroud</i>
The Shroud


<i>Graveside Offerings</i>
Graveside Offerings

<i>Anemone Radio</i>
Anemone Radio


<i>Loomy Gloom</i>
Loomy Gloom



<i>Mountains on Fire - inspired by Erin Hanson</i>
Mountains on Fire - inspired by Erin Hanson

<i>Many Efforts</i>
Many Efforts


<i>Indiana Hills</i>
Indiana Hills

<i>Daisy Dates: A Painting of Nature's Timeless Love</i>
Daisy Dates: A Painting of Nature's Timeless Love

<i>Unexpected Garden Prize</i>
Unexpected Garden Prize

<i>Single Cell</i>
Single Cell


<i>Dawn on the Jamapa Glacier, Pico de Orizaba, Mexico</i>
Dawn on the Jamapa Glacier, Pico de Orizaba, Mexico

<i>Bread Lady (Carbo-load)</i>
Bread Lady (Carbo-load)

<i>Sir Cody</i>
Sir Cody

<i>The Thoughtful</i>
The Thoughtful



<i>A Yard in Blossom</i>
A Yard in Blossom

<i>Merece más</i>
Merece más

<i>Autumn Treat: October Snow in Shrewsbury (New England)</i>
Autumn Treat: October Snow in Shrewsbury (New England)

<i>Austin Finds His Abstract World</i>
Austin Finds His Abstract World

<i>Stained Glass Stars</i>
Stained Glass Stars

<i>Healing; Still Unfinished</i>
Healing; Still Unfinished


<i>Set of 3 Hair Barrettes</i>
Set of 3 Hair Barrettes

<i>Penot Bottor</i>
Penot Bottor

<i>World To Rule</i>
World To Rule

<i>Transcending Realms: Cosmic Instrumentals</i>
Transcending Realms: Cosmic Instrumentals

<i>Thanks, Miró</i>
Thanks, Miró

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