Meet the Artists



JiaHao Peng - Ten Ten Photosynthesis

JiaHao Peng is a multimedia visual artist whose practice focuses on horticulture and photography. Through his work with plants and florals, Peng highlights what’s obscured in daily life, featuring marginalized, queer, and trifling subjects. Across his work, he continually reveals the interplay between the camera lens and greenery, using light in inventive ways to immortalize his subjects. Inspired by these connections, he founded Ten Ten Photosynthesis at 1010 S Olive St. in Los Angeles, exploring this distinctive art practice.



Katherine Martin and Kristin Martin - Duet Floral

Duet Floral Studio is a wedding floral studio based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company was founded by identical twins Katherine and Kristin in 2019. They delight in creating original floral designs that breathe life into a space. They take time to get to know their clients so that they can tailor their services to best suit the event. As veteran Art In Bloom artists, Katherine and Kristin's aim is to produce arrangements that showcase their interpretations of the assigned artwork in thoughtful and creative ways while also showcasing their individual style. We're excited to participate with both a pedestal piece and the Eclipse Inspired showstopper this year.



Madeline MacKinnonFrida's Flowers

Madeline is the magician behind the movement. Her journey into ancestral connection and embracing her Xicana roots fully has emerged into a desire to invite everyone around her more fully into their own stories. Her breathtaking intentionality behind Frida's shines through in every bouquet. She names each bouquet to connect personally with her clients' lives and stories, all the while blazing a trail to a more modern, funky, floral industry that evokes curiosity and paletted eccentricity. She is merging creative activism and bold artistry into one through Frida's Flowers. In doing so, she is connecting with her own Mexicana ancestors, championing reparational feminism, and calling forth the sacred through her artistry in flowers and community development.


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Mallory Paige - Archer Design Haus

Mallory Paige, founder of Archer Design Haus, hails from a lineage of floral and event designers. Her journey began in her great grandmother's Kentucky home, witnessing a woman who, amidst raising 13 children on a family farm, cultivated a gardening hobby that flourished into a local attraction. Inspired by her grandmother's entrepreneurial spirit, Mallory embraced the generational craft. Balancing art, floral, and event design, she transformed her great grandmother's dream into Archer Design Haus, where her passion and skill intersect to create beautiful realities.


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Morgan Aranda & Amrta Saliaj - Prema Designers

Prema Designs is a wedding & event design company focused on bringing your event inspirations to life as we strive to become your “forever florist”. We specialize in large scale installations, floral abundance, lush texture, and basically all things pretty. On an average day you can catch our team of 13 in the studio taking dance breaks knee deep in florals.



Rebekah Gross

My name is Rebekah Gross and I am a freelance floral artist. I view floral design as one of the most important art forms in our culture. I believe that florals and nature can bring joy to all and is the truest, most genuine form of creative language. I promote the idea of designing outside of traditional standards to promote an inclusive and diverse understanding of the natural world and all the joys it can bring us, as well as unite us as a community. 


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Dr. Robert M. Gooljar, Jr. - IRIS blossom

Rob is a Trinidadian-American artist and entrepreneur from Miami, Florida. Transitioning from photography, drawing, and other visual arts, Rob found his new medium in botanical materials as he reignited his passion for the arts. Rob’s artistry does not stop at visuals. He is an intellectual attempting to merge industry and research as a proponent of equitable and sustainable development, an art in its own right to explain the nuances of the socio-spatial dialectic. When not filling the room with flowers, Rob spends time enjoying the beach, traveling, trying to be mindful, cooking for his friends and family, and lounging with his dog, Iris (the real owner of his businesses).




Adjei Nortey - The Flower Box Indy

I'm so excited to be a part of the Art in Bloom event at Newfields again this year! I had a blast creating a gorgeous floral design in 2021 and I can't wait to see what kind of inspiration this year's theme will bring. As an artist, I love working with flowers because they offer such a unique and rewarding challenge. I always strive to create designs that not only look beautiful but also convey a special message or emotion. Being a part of Art in Bloom means a lot to me because it lets me share my passion for nature's beauty with others and be a part of a community that celebrates the artistry of the natural world.



Amy Talbott - Adventure Floral Design

I use a rhino (with a flower crown, of course!) in my logo because they represent strength, resilience, and to me, unexpected beauty. I love using unexpected and repurposed items in my designs. I tell my students every day that art doesn't have to be perfect and I believe that whole heartedly. I am so honored to be a part of Art in Bloom again and I look forward to meeting everyone and talking all things flowers!



Angela Stoffregen - Solstice Floral

Since 2017, Solstice Floral has been producing wedding flowers, large-scale floral installations, events, and daily deliveries. Before founding Solstice, I was employed in a high-volume flower shop for some time, when an ambition for creative liberty pulled me towards my own business/creative endeavor. Now, having a nearly decade long floral career, I have developed a design style that is my own heart's expression. Working in flowers has healed me...nearly broken me at times...and healed me again. It has brought me friendships that I hope will be lifelong. It's brought me a love of gardening and an appreciation for the Indiana seasons. It's become one of the most self-fulfilling journeys I could have never imagined when I walked into a flower shop for...a job. In 2022, I became a mama to a bright and spirited little boy, which shifted my focus to intentionally slower-paced, nurturing days allowing me space for artistic and personal growth as well as motherhood. Embarking into 2024, I carry with me new knowledge - that the years ahead of me in flowers hold an abundance of life lessons, self discovery, and wonderful, talented people.


Ann Carnes_Wild Pansy Farm.jpg

Ann Carnes - Wild Pansy Farm

Ann Carnes is a flower and vegetable farmer for Wild Pansy Farm, where she grows daffodils, pansies, and other seasonal flowers, as well as diversified vegetables and herbs. Ann’s rustic, organic designs showcase local and native flowers grown here in Indiana. Ann creates fragrant arrangements that reflect the natural wonder of the farm’s surroundings.


Anthony Hare

Hi, I'm Anthony Hare! I love flowers and I love to create! Give me some space to create with flowers and I'll give you a masterpiece.



Ashlyn Pfister - Ethereal Florals

For the longest time, I had no idea what I wanted to do. What was first a temporary floral shop job for a confused young adult in 2019 quickly became something much more meaningful and life-giving. I finally worked up the courage to launch Ethereal Florals in 2021 and went full-time in 2023. Although this year was full of flowers, I can truly say that I have come to love this work beyond just the beauty of flowers. For me floral design has become a way to see, validate, and honor people through creative expression.



Autumn Keller - Isibeal Studio

My passion is creating experiential, ephemeral beauty. Some of my earliest memories are of my grandparents' garden; in my young eyes, a place of endless beauty, color, interest, and little worlds of wonder. My grandmother allowed me to pick freely, and it was so exciting to arrange the stems in vintage glass flower “frogs”, and hunt for other little treasures to add to a table display. The romance, the color, the beauty, the endless possibilities that started in their garden led me to explore mediums from oil paint, clay, glass, fabric, watercolor - anything tactile or sensual! I now own and direct Isibeal Studio, a creative and floral studio guided by the belief that experience and memory are the authentic luxuries in life. I treasure the imprint of ephemerality on our spirits. Flowers do fade and kisses last just a moment, but like the treasured memories of my grandparents' garden, the memory of those beautiful experiences lingers with you forever.



Brenda Lekse - RUE de FLEURS

Hello- I'm a florist and flower farmer with over 20 years of experience with floral design. We specialize in destination, weddings, large floral installations, weddings, corporate, and special events. I'm proud to have won multiple PACE awards in my career. Being able to participate in Art in Bloom is one of the highlights of my career.


Indy Flower Box-Carmella Thatcher.jpeg

Carmella Thatcher - Indy Flower Box - CREATEbycarmella

Creating art has always been my passion. I am inspired by nature to create whimsical and memorable installations using and locally-grown flowers. I am excited to share my unique creation at Art in Bloom.



Cassandra Deal, Jessica Kartawich, Daniela Morales - Anthos

We are Anthos - three best friends and former pastry chefs turned floral creatives. We cultivate community and curate aesthetic with intentionality through color and texture of beautiful blooms. Art in Bloom is a fun challenge for us to work together, while giving us a space to build a floral experience for the community to enjoy.



Colleen Sanders - Bokay Florist

We were honored to be a part of Art in Bloom last year. The opportunity to add beauty to the amazing art was inspiring. I enjoyed meeting the team at Newfields as well as the other floral artists. Bokay Florist is a local, woman-owned business in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis. We love our clients and specialize in weddings and everyday floral for our local community.



Deandre L McClendon - 55 Rose Street LLC

It is an honor and pleasure to participate in Art in Bloom, what a beautiful way to express art through flowers. My love for flowers and art allows my work to express the joys of my soul.



Deborah Summers - A Bride's Choice Florist

I've appreciated past opportunities to participate in Art In Bloom. It's been a chance to partner with Newfields, meet other florists and artists, and is a wonderful excuse to be creative. Every year I see the event growing and getting better and better, it is a pleasure to participate again this year.



Demarise Jacqueline Abbett - Cellar Creations by Demarise

I love the fleeting beauty of flowers. Once they're cut from the plant, it's a race against time. I use my arsenal of creativity to share their beauty, whatever the occasion. Flower arrangements are used to savor a milestone, to signify important moments: weddings, opening nights, funerals, holidays, or memorials. I couple my designs with repurposed items: discarded vases, teacups separated from their sets, glass jars collecting dust, or family mementos. I highlight existing beauty in the everyday world with floral design, the same way an artist captures a breathtaking moment in time on a canvas.



Dominique M Carrington - Naptown Floral

I am thrilled for the oportunity to participate in Art in Bloom. As someone with a background in fine arts, I love to meld these worlds in a new way. While I've had several years of focusing on editorial florals, I love the oportunity to participate in a show that will be experienced in person. I am excited to be able to reconnect with Newfields, as I spent a lot time at the IMA in high school; and it holds a dear place in my heart.


Eileen McCullough_Eufloric Events.jpeg

Eileen McCullough - George Thomas Florist 

Nothing makes me happier or more inspired than the mashup of the enduring art featured in a museum with the ephemeral art created with flowers.



Emilija GrinvaldsLittle Flower Blooms

My mission is to connect the Indianapolis community to nature through sustainable urban floriculture in order to promote harmony and well-being. Little Flower Blooms began in 2013 when my husband and I (both Butler grads) moved into the Little Flower Neighborhood on Indy's Near East-side. We soon developed a passion for gardening in our small cottage garden. Our love for flowers and the community led us to sell our blooms to local florists and nearby shops. We now proudly own eight acres of farmland and forest just south of Irvington, Indianapolis. We plan to expand our cut flower business by offering gardening education, and a natural haven for urban dwellers.



Emma Tidwell - Lotus Design Florals

At Lotus Design Florals we believe every petal holds a story waiting to unfold. Our team of talented floral artisans is dedicated to bringing our client's vision to life and creating stunning compositions that leave lasting impressions. With a harmonious blend of creativity and expertise, we strive to surpass expectations and make floral dreams come true.



Erika Mekalah BandodkarRabble Flowers

I have been working as a florist since 2017. I attended Paula Pryke Flower School in London, England and Koehler and Dramm Floral Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have worked with many local independent florists in Indy as well as full-service florists. Rabble Flowers has been running same-day flower delivery and wedding and event flowers since 2020. I have been an artist all my life and find that floristry is a way for me to connect with my community and assist in spreading love at a time when it is very needed. A gift bouquet with a card message are greater than the sum of the parts. The fleeting and ephemeral nature of flowers celebrates momentous occasions like the marriage union and reminds us that there is only the present moment.



Gina Campbell - Ritual Gardens

Floral design has been a passion hobby of mine for several years. I am an artist whose primary medium was paint for most of my life, until I discovered flowers. They have become the biggest source of inspiration, therapy, and joy. Now the majority of my property is dedicated to growing flowers for cutting and arranging. I make custom arrangements for gifts and special occasions and I take every opportunity I can to freelance for local florists in wedding design. Last year I participated in Art in Bloom, it was incredibly special and so much fun! I pushed myself out of my introverted comfort zone and got to experience the love and support of a wonderful community. This exhibition combines my passions and I am thrilled to participate again.



Gregory Rose ​​​​

Greg Rose is an Indianapolis-based conceptual artist and curator whose practice centers on the narratives and lived experiences of marginalized folx in a way that honors the past, present, and future. Their independent work lives by the moniker “haykidd” and has been featured in the “love is” campaign by Uninterrupted and at Butter Fine Art Fair 2021-22. Greg is currently the program coordinator for 10 East Arts and an Artist and Public Life Resident at Big Car. Throughout Greg's curatorial career, partnerships with galleries and nonprofit agencies have allowed them to create more accessible pathways to sustainability and equity for emerging visual artists in Indianapolis.


Gwyneth Cristina Anstead

Gwyneth has always been a creative and artistic individual with a deep connection to nature, its beauty, and innate artistry. Although drawn to many forms of art expression, she discovered a passion and talent for the medium of floristry, and as a result started a career as a wedding florist. Gwyneth has had the pleasure of working with many clients to design and create the florals for their big day, and welcomes the creative challenges each vision brings. Flowers have brought her a tremendous amount of joy, and to be able to share that joy and love with those around her is one of her greatest privileges. “Floristry is my art, and flowers are my paintbrush.”



Jeanette Logan - Flower Boys

Passionate about flowers being available to all, Jeanette Logan helped owners, Jake Rupp & Jake Smith, start Flower Boys in April of 2017. Logan has helped grow the wedding department from 35 weddings in 2018 to hundreds each year with an incredible team of designers. Most recently, Logan traveled to New York City to be a part of 'Autumn in New York' to learn from some of the best florists in the country. Flower Boys specializes in workshop weddings and have been a 'The Knot: Best of Weddings' vendor for five years running and are a preferred vendor for many venues in Indianapolis.



Karmen Fletcher ​​​​​​- Rubymoon

I fell into flowers 12 years ago. I have always loved art and see flowers as another medium to explore and continue to grown in my field. I love helping my clients create memories, and I currently desing for weddings and special occasions at Rubymoon. When I am not designing, I enjoy working in the flower fields where we grow flowers for our clients. In addition to work, I love spending time in my own garden with my girls.



Katie Radecki - Forever Floral

I am absolutely THRILLED to design for Art in Bloom! My mom and I visited Newfields by chance during Art in Bloom 2022 - and I was absolutely captivated. I've been doing florals as a side gig for about three years, and I have learned so much over the last few years. It is an honor and a joy to create floral art for such a prestigious event - a literal dream come true.



Laura Deck - The Seedlings Flowers

Story. Celebration. Nature. The Seedlings Flowers designs weave these three threads to create an interactive experience. Our designs combine texture, colors, and scents that are intended to surprise and delight. We pair rare blooms with stems from our own flower fields and surrounding woods to create an experience that tells a story, evokes nostalgia, and invites dreams. Over the last three years of event designing I have found flowers to be my pen to chronicle my clients' journey and vision. We design to encourage viewers to pause to take in the aroma of reminiscing and breathe out the joy and excitement that the next season holds. Each of our constructions incorporates intentional color theory, organic free-moving blooms, and foliage placed together with a heart for seasonality.



Lissette Wyche - Lissette Floral

It is an honor to be included in Art in Bloom again this year.



Martha Atehortua - Martha's Deco

I have participated in several floral events in my hometown Cali, Colombia, and in multiple seminars in clubs, hotels, and special occasions. I studied with renowned European floral designers, including the Spanish designers Piñol and Santamaría, and Gregor Lersh of Germany.


Mel Lahti - Flower Boys

As a nature enthusiast, most days, you'll find Mel stomping around outside with her dog Maverick. When she's not out exploring, you can find her at Flower Boys retail shop, managing a team and collaborating with local businesses on events. Her love for flowers is largely inspired by her explorations and connection with nature and art - where design meets the natural world and can be cultivated into something beautiful. Mel finds a sense of fulfillment in working with her hands, being intentional, and noticing the details that come with each experience.


Michelle Maslowski_One of a Kind Events.jpg

Michelle Maslowski - One of a Kind Events

I am a third-generation florist with a passion for creating beauty through florals. The reinvention of space is the key to our creativity - the pops of color brought by flowers to celebrate joy or the softness of greenery that brings the outside world indoors. Specializing in luxury floral installations and design for weddings and corporate events, my team and I work to understand the vision of the client and execute that vision using our over 30 years of combined floral experience.



Nicole Nicoloff - The Marshmallow Monkey

I became immersed in art from a young age at Newfields. My experiences at Newfields informed my artistic journey including an art history minor from Herron School of Art and Design and eventually to taking the reins of the family floral business. I transformed it into an art-inspired endeavor. My floral creations are bespoke, artistic expressions that capture life's moments. Art In Bloom is a canvas to merge my love for fine art and flowers, and am opportunity to celebrate the synergy of tradition and innovation, one bloom at a time.



Nicole Shiley Gilbride - Beholden Blooms

Nicole Gilbride is floral artist, flower grower, and destination wedding floral designer at Beholden Blooms. She loves curating unique color palettes, using bespoke blooms, and embracing modern and ikebana-inspired designs. She is an advocate for inclusivity and community across the floral industry and donates excess blooms from her farm and events to veteran and senior homes. Nicole has been a Florists Review semi-finalist for Best in Blooms and an instructor for Team Flower and Fleursociety. She loves sharing her passion for flowers with others and has had over 1.5M views on her videos across social media platforms in 2023.



Rence - Red Daisy Floral

Being a floral designer is such a beautiful and hard job. I love the challenges and problem solving florists must do. Art in Bloom lets me express what floristry means to me. It's one of my favorite challenges in interpreting and creating.



Samantha Howden - Petals From Kaye

My journey as a floral designer began in 2022. My mother passed away in 2021 and I found so much comfort in the flowers from her funeral. I appreciated them and found that I had a talent that not all have. I began researching, learning, and designing. Then, I opened a flower shop where I get to create arrangements for others. I love creating and designing floral pieces for all of life's occasions. I enjoy using colors and textures to create beautiful pieces that will brighten someone's day. I like the challenge of taking a vision or idea and making it come to life. I love being the middle man to spread kindness.



Sarah Harmon - Rubia Flower Market

I am the Lead Designer and Owner of Rubia Flower Market which serves the Greater Lafayette, IN area. With an educational background in fine art photography, I have lived at the intersection of art and flowers for two decades. What I love most about our industry is that floral designers are afforded the unique opportunity of being conduits for all of life's celebrations by creating living works of art. Rubia Flower Market is the proud winner of over 10 consecutive Best Area Florist awards and will celebrate 20 years in business this year.



Sharon Grubbs - Foister's Flowers & Gifts

Art in Bloom is a great highlight for Foister's Flowers & Gifts every year. We are energized by the art in the collection, planning and creating. Participating in Art in Bloom has expanded our own definition of ourselves as artists. Participating in Art in Bloom is a great opportunity for us and we are excited to be back this year.



Stacy Molander - Rusted Window

I love creating captivating and enchanting floral installations that leave a lasting impression. My job is to use my expertise and skill to bring my clients floral dreams to life. From intricate arches and cascading floral chandeliers, to lush, immersive, wall-displays and striking centerpieces, I craft each installation with meticulous attention to detail and a keen sense of style. Flowers have the ability to evoke emotions and create a sense of wonder, and I love harnessing this power to design unique and unforgettable experiences.


Stephen Brooks - Indiana Paper Company

I've been creating ultra-realistic paper flowers for almost seven years now and I can't wait to be inspired again with Art in Bloom. I cut all my petals from hand, shape them, and then assemble them to create unique individual paper blooms.



Tasha Bradley - Bradley's Stylish Events

Tasha Bradley, owner of Bradley's Stylish Events, is a self-taught event planner and designer with 18 years of experience. She combines art and florals to achieve her clients' visions. She considers it an honor and a privilege to step into another world of design at Art in Bloom. She believes when art and fresh floral are joined together - at home, at the office, or even at church they compliment each other because both are dreams that have been created from a artist.


Pink Blossom (1).jpeg

Tia & Da'Ron Vinice - Pink Blossom

Tia Vinice is an up and coming florist, located in Indianapolis, IN, who specializes in rose bouquets. She absolutely loves being a florist and is delighted for opportunity to share her work at Art in Bloom this year.



Tiffany M. Alexander - Turtle's Flowers

How exciting to share my love of flowers with Newfields! I am passionate about using flowers as an artistic medium. It is a wonderful privilege to create an installation alongside a masterpiece in the IMA Galleries. Turtle's Flowers is a small shop that specializes in personalized arrangements with locally-sourced flowers.


Portraits courtesy of the floral designers.