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Dassie Brandt - White Clover Designs

I am excited to have the opportunity to work with the team at Newfields again to bring some amazing pieces of art to life through a floral interpretation. It's been so fun to see this exhibition grow over the years and I forward to seeing other awesome and local floral designers do their thing!

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Gina Campbell – Ritual Gardens

I am a freelance floral designer, gardener, and artist. My love for flowers began in early childhood. For me, there was no place more magical than my grandfather's gardens and greenhouses, tightly packed with as many flowers as I could imagine. Having a garden of my own to grow, cut and arrange flowers turned a love into an obsession. I've considered myself an artist my entire life, paint being my primary medium. My approach to floral design is to create a living still life using the same principles I consider in a painting: color, texture, movement and balance.

Social Media: IG: @ritualgardens_indy



Samantha Howden – Petals from Kaye

My journey as a floral designer began more recently than some. My mother passed away and I found so much comfort in the flowers from her funeral. I appreciated them and found that I had a talent that not all have. I began researching, learning, and designing. I then opened a flower shop where I get to create arrangements for others. I love creating and designing floral pieces for all of life’s occasions. I enjoy using colors and textures to create beautiful pieces that will brighten someone’s day. I like the challenge of taking a vision or idea and making it come to life. I love being the middle man to spread kindness and allow others to enjoy the beauty of flowers.

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Jess Farnon  June Daisy Co.

June Daisy Co. is passionate about the art of floristry. Down to every last detail, my flower team and I marvel in the beauty of color, texture, and movement coming together seamlessly. We believe each event is as unique as our clientele and we are dedicated to our designs reflecting their absolute vision.

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Esmeralda Schill – Esmeralda Schill Studio

Nature and art have always been my main focus in my personal art. I preserve florals to give them an extended life of admiration. The floral designs I create are inspired by landscaping creations I have seen; resin allows those floral designs to last many years. One thing I love about resin preservation is the fact that I can transform florals into functional pieces such as tables making them functional art. I would love to create resin pieces inspired by one of the great masters I grew to love & teach.

Social Media: IG: emeraldschillstudio FB: Emerald Studio



Cristi Zarvas - Fresh Cut Design

Flowers are my passion and medium of expression. I bring that passion to clients throughout world. Having flowered from Tokyo, Japan to Santiago, Chile, I see flowers, plants, and above all, nature, as a one of our greatest tools for building connection and fostering important conversations around sustainability in the floral industry and beyond.

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Mallory Erbin – Designs by Mallory Paige

I created Designs by Mallory Paige in 2018 after realizing that art, floral design, and event design were at the intersection of all the things I am great at. I have found great meaning in the work I do, most significantly in its relation to beauty. I believe beauty is important and powerful because of its ability to open eyes and hearts to all the good, hopeful, lovely, wonderful things in the world. My design philosophy is rooted in imagination. The designs are the bridge between what is and what is to be. It is of the utmost importance to allow the poetic movement and natural beauty of the florals to lead the process. It is also our goal that the design forces observers to focus on the beauty of each element.

Social Media: IG: @designsbymallorypaige



Ann Carns – Wild Pansy Farms

Ann Carnes is a flower and vegetable farmer for Wild Pansy Farm, where she grows daffodils, pansies, and other seasonal flowers, as well as diversified vegetables and herbs. Ann’s rustic, organic designs showcase local flowers grown here in Indiana. Inspired by the symbolism of tussie-mussies, Ann creates fragrant arrangements that reflect the natural wonder of the farm’s surroundings.

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Anthony Hare

Gifted & passionate creative who loves creating centerpieces, boutiques, and large sympathy arrangements for family and friends! I love flowers, art, and all things beautiful!

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benjamin sebring – bouquets x benji

a floral design studio based in indianapolis, indiana, bouquets x benji is focused on bringing a unique and playful approach to floral design. bouquets x benji’s foundational princple is love, as we need love to create and inspire. fueled from life experiences in chicago, orlando, honolulu, and new york city, founder and creator, benjamin sebring, is happy to return home to indianapolis to continue to spread love with the gift of flowers. benjamin is fiercely dedicated to using his privilege as a cisgender, white male to be an ally for all marganilzed people + communities. bouquets x benji believes • black lives matter• trans lives matter• black trans lives matter more beauty. more life. and always love. ,- x benji

social media: ig: @bouquetsxbenji 



Amanda Belcher – Amanda Belcher Creative Designs

I am an eager and ambitious homebased florist with a bold approach to my creative styles. As a sole proprietor, I am dedicated to creating dynamic floral arrangements that not only pique an individual’s interest but also inspire delight, curiosities, and spark the imagination of others. I generate unique, one-of-a-kind experiences that provide delight as well as ignite creative expressions in others. Given the opportunity to work with a well-known community staple in Indianapolis such as Newfields will allow me to step into a new chapter of art and design within my life. As an ambitious artist, I will bring stunning living art through floral design to the third annual Art in Bloom exhibition. The great Frida Kahlo once said, “Painting completed my life.” Having the ability to create various floral arrangements in a multitude of ways has allowed me to recognize constructing floral art has completed my life!

Social Media: IG: @amandabelcher_creativedesigns FB: Amanda Belcher Creative Designs 




Rebekah Gross – Brut & Bloom

My name is Rebekah Gross. I was born and raised in Indianapolis and have magical memories of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. After relocating from New York City to Nashville, I have never been so appreciative of my hometown and all the incredible things it has to offer. I spend many days in Indy with my loved ones and the IMA is the most special place there is. I have spent the last seven years of my career designing and executing large scale biophilia projects across the nation. I have an extensive background in event and experiential design. My floral design taste is inspired by artists like Lewis Miller and the Dutch masters paintings that hang on the walls in esteemed art museums like the IMA. Conceptualization + color are the roots of my creative fire. Floral design, as an inclusive art form, and encouraging others to tap into their internal creative is my passion. It is my belief that every human on this earth can relate to, appreciate, and enjoy biophilia and florals.



A Bride's Choice Florist.jpg

Deborah Summers – A Bride's Choice Florist

I love flowers and creating! Participating in past Art in Bloom events have been a pleasure and challenging. I welcome any chance to connect with fellow florists and artists, I also enjoyed meeting and answering questions from guests at my floral installation, and mini-work shop. Art in Bloom offers the unique opportunity to literally bring art to life with beautiful flowers. Over the years I was able to stretch my design skills and use them innovative ways.

Social Media: IG: @abrideschoiceflorist  FB: @Abridescoiceflorist



Allyson Wells Podel – Willow and Star Flowers

In 2017, I turned my love of growing and arranging flowers into a pop-up flower market. What started as a 4’ x 4’ mobile flower cart is now a full-service flower, plant, and gift shop located on the north side of Indianapolis in Northview Mall. At Willow and Star Flowers, we aim to uplift and connect people through the beauty of floral design. Our work is most inspired by the splendor found in nature and the idea that perfection can be found in imperfection. For design guidance, we turn to the wayward stems and whimsical blossoms discoverable in wildflower patches and lackadaisical gardens. By working closely with local flower farmers and showcasing seasonal, Indiana-grown blooms when available, our arrangements make an intentional nod to the spaces where flowers flourish freely.

Social Media: IG: @willowandstarflowers FB: Willow and Star Flowers




Caylan Center – sunglobe

I am inspired by my favorite painting, Roses of Heliogabalus. This piece by Lawrence Alma-Tadema celebrates divine excesses of pleasure and a lavish aesthetic. Heliogabalus depicts the opulent party thrown by a young emperor of Rome who looks on with amusement as the unknowing guests below are smothered by thousands of rose petals. Under the violent cascade of rose petals, a young man peers beneath the crushing weight while others are shown writhing among the petals in total ecstacy. To me, flowers are a celebration of life, luxurious abundance, and love. It is my hope that I can express through my work this dynamic to existing art.

Social Media: IG: @oh_cay_ FB: Caylan Savannah



Jeanette Logan – Flower Boys

Passionate about flowers being available to all, Jeanette Logan helped owners, Jake Rupp & Jake Smith, start Flower Boys at a cart in Indianapolis City Market in April of 2017. The Flower Boys have since moved to their own space in Fletcher Place in Spring 2021. Primarily self-taught, with help from The Flowerman (owned by Jake Smith's family), Logan has assisted in growing the wedding department from 35 weddings in 2018 to hundreds each year with an incredible team of designers. Most recently, Logan traveled to New York City to be a part of an 'Autumn in New York' workshop to learn from some of the best florists in the country. Specializing in Workshop weddings, Flower Boys are a 'The Knot: Best of Weddings' vendor for four years running and a preferred vendor for many venues in Indianapolis.

Social Media: IG: @flowerboysindy FB: Flower Boys Indy 


Rusted Window Logo.jpg

Stacy Molander – Rusted Window

I find joy expressing myself through my floral artistry. I have been designing weddings, events, and other floral installations for more than 20 years.

Social Media: IG: @rustedwindowevents FB: Rusted Window 



Bria McCarty

I have an affinity for the natural world and have had an intuitive relationship with growing things from a young age. After moving to Portland, Oregon in 2016 to live on an urban farm, I began working at Solabee Flowers & Botanicals. While there, I learned an extensive amount of plant knowledge and began floral designing under the tutelage of Alea Joy, Sarah Helmstetter, and Finley Jordan. In 2018 I was blessed to spend time working at Roselane Farms in Los Angeles where I learned how to grow roses. My favorite roses are Distant Drums! My floral design style closely mimics how flowers and greenery grow wild in nature. I like to prioritize color theory and utilize my background in film and music as inspiration for my arrangements. I am excited to come out of retirement for this fabulous event!

Social Media: IG: @brianachele



Katherine Martin – Duet Floral

To me, flowers are a form of communication. Even as a child, my experience with flowers was intertwined with my relationships. Some of my fondest memories include the weekly routine of picking out flowers with my mom at the grocery and growing sunflowers with my sisters in the backyard. Giving flowers can impart feelings of joy and celebration as well as condolences. Not only do flowers present an opportunity for visual impact, but they also help us build bones with those around us. As a floral designer and co-founder of Duet Floral Studio, I have the privilege of participating in some of the happiest moments in people's lives and the memories made in the moment. As a business, we strive to wow our audience with work inspired by nature, and our design style embraces bold colors. My keen understanding of color theory allows me to create visually striking and harmonious compositions.

Social Media: IG: @duetfloral



Stephen Michael Brooks  – Indiana Paper Company

My goal as a Paper Florist is to create realistic paper flowers from high-quality crepe paper. Using German crepe paper, wires, glue and a plethora of other materials, I hand-cut petals and assemble them to create a flower that is as life-like as possible.

Social Media: IG: @indianapapercompany


Angela headshot.jpg

Angela Stoffregen​​​​​​​ – Solstice Floral

Angela founded Solstice Floral in 2018 after gaining experience working in a local flower shop. As a 2012 graduate of IU's Kelley School of Business, her process-oriented mindset has helped her to produce large-scale floral installations and events. In 2022, Angela became a mother to a bright and spirited baby boy, which led to her shift from a phase of business growth to focus on artistic and personal growth. Angela's favorite aspect of floral design is color. She enjoys exploring naturally occurring color palettes and expanding them with an unexpected accent to intensify the impact of her designs. She is inspired by Connor Nesbit, Ariella Chezar, and Sue McLeary. In her spare time, Angela enjoys spending time gardening, walking in nature, beautifying her home, and collecting memories with her family. Her friends describe her as introspective and caring with a surreptitious taste for the finer things.

Social Media: IG: @solsticefloral FB: Solstice Floral 



Michelle Maslowski​​​​​​​ – One of a Kind Events

I am a third-generation florist with a passion for creating beauty through florals. The reinvention of space is the key to our creativity - the pops of color brought by flowers to celebrate joy or the softness of greenery that brings the outside world indoors. Specializing in luxury floral installations and design for weddings and corporate events, my team and I work to understand the vision of the client and execute that vision using our over 30 years of combined floral experience.

Social Media: IG: @oneofakindevents FB: One of a Kind Events



Gwyneth Anstead​​​​​​​ – Blooms by Gwyneth​​​​​​​ 

Gwyneth has always been a creative and artistic individual with a deep connection to nature, its beauty, and innate artistry. It wasn't until she joined the Flower Boys wedding department that she discovered her passion and talent for the medium of floristry. Gwyneth has had the pleasure of working with many clients to design and create the florals for their big day and welcomes the creative challenges each vision brings. Flowers have brought her a tremendous amount of joy and to be able to share that joy and love with those around her is one of her greatest privileges.

Social Media: IG: @bloomsbygwyneth 



Kaitlyn Bookmeyer – Rooted Blooms, LLC​​​​​​​

I was formally trained as an art educator, with passions for ceramics, watercolor, and sharing these art forms with others. In 2018, entering into the world of floral design gave me the opportunity to combine my love for the physicality and tactility of ceramics with the more freeform, organic nature and color mixing elements of watercolor. Not only does floral design allow me to appreciate the artistry of working with the flowers themselves, but it provides me the privilege of sharing my work with others, stepping into a couple’s planning process and serving them on their wedding day. It is my great joy to help conceptualize a plan, to organize the details, and to bring that vision to life, arranging flowers in a way that brings honor to their day.

Social Media: IG: @rootedbloomsfloral



Jodi Aleshire​​​​​​​​​​​​​

I have been working in floral arts since 2017, and in that time I have done the flowers for a handful of weddings and special events with a focus on unique combinations and unusual designs, but my magnum opus is the recreation of the gown from Ari Aster’s film MIDSOMMAR using both faux and dried flowers. Newfields is my happy place, and it is a dream to have my work included in Art in Bloom.



Sara Alghani​​​​​​​ – A Flower Shop​​​​​​​​​​​​​

I am a natural helper. Although I completed my masters degree in Human Services, COVID-19 shifted my career path. Flowers changed my narrative for helping. I use flowers to serve others in times of celebration and grief and provide beauty during the most impactful moments of life.

Social Media: IG: @aflowershopindy



Colleen Sanders – Bokay Florist ​​​​​​​

Bokay Florist has been a local florist in the Broad Ripple area for over 60 years. We are currently a woman owned company with 8 years ownership. We love our community and love to be included in Art in Bloom! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Social Media: IG: @bokay_florist FB: Bokay Florist



Rence Baumgart – Red Daisy Floral

I've been in the floral industry for four years. I started at a Mom and Pop shop in Evansville, Indiana and did everything from caring and processing flowers to designing arrangements. I recently moved to Indianapolis where I started doing freelance work and helping other florists in town complete busy holidays and wedding work. I have a sole proprietorship for my small freelance business, Red Daisy Floral and hope to do a lot more floral work in 2023! It's been a dream of mine to participate at an event such as Art in Bloom!​​​​​​​

Social Media: IG: @reddaisyfloral 



Lissette Wyche – Lissette Floral

I grew up in Southern California where flowers and plants surrounded me. Throughout my life, I’ve been a creative person, with a love for flowers and Art.

My designs express the personalities and sensibilities of my clients. My goal is to bring joy and share the beauty of nature. I seek out unique materials, research farms and various blooms tirelessly, to bring only the most exceptional blossoms and most unique vision to the table. I love the sky, the clouds, nature, my husband, my family, my fur baby and the Almighty, Jehovah and that is what inspires my designs each and every day.

Social Media: IG: @___lissettefloral____ FB: Lissette Floral




Wendi Louks – Blooms by Dragonfly

Blooms by Dragonfly is a boutique florist in the heart of Zionsville. Why flowers? Simple: we love the beauty and chance to bring happiness to others every day. Each season brings new adventures and opportunities to create. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in Art in Bloom for a second year. ​​​​​​​

Social Media: IG: FB: Blooms by Dragonfly




Amy Talbott – Adventure Floral Design

I believe that anything can be beautiful. I tell my students every day, art doesn't have to be perfect and I truly believe and live that motto. I love using flowers and their natural irregularities to create something unexpected. I believe in repurposing items and love to create something beautiful from something that others may consider useless or ugly. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Social Media: IG: @adventurefloraldesign



Kristin Martin – Duet Floral

Kristin Martin of Duet Floral Studio is the proud co-owner of Duet Floral Studio with my twin sister, Katherine. She has always had an appreciation for flowers but her real passion for floral design began when arranging for her older sister's wedding in Maine. From that moment on, Katherine and Kristin knew that they wanted to turn their love for flowers into a career. Duet Floral Studio strives to bring joy and beauty to any space by evoking the feeling of discovering fresh flowers growing in unexpected places. Their design philosophy is inspired by nature, all of its imperfections and unique characteristics. They believe that these qualities make flowers all the more special and bring a sense of authenticity and personality to arrangements. Whether it's a small, intimate gathering or a grand event, they are dedicated to creating breathtaking floral arrangements that will leave a lasting impression.​​​​​​​

Social Media: IG: @duetfloral FB: Duet Floral



Lisa Schmitz​​​​​​​ – Where Pigs Fly and Such

I have been in love with flowers for as long as I can remember. My grandmother was a master gardener and taught me about foraging for design even as a child. As a former corporate executive turned floral artist, I have enjoyed living a more creative lifestyle, incorporating nature and the whimsy of how flowers grow in nature into daily life and into my designs. I have enjoyed not only the arranging of florals, but also infusing them into other floral art mediums like plaster relief. My plaster botanical art was accepted into the 2022 Hoosier Women Artists display at the Indiana Statehouse.

Social Media: IG: @wherepigsflyandsuch FB: Where Pigs Fly and Such 



 John Caleb Pendleton ​​​​​​​ – Planks and Pistils

Originally from Grove Hill, Alabama, John Caleb Pendleton’s love for woodworking and flowers began with his parents. “Planks” honoring his woodworker father and “Pistils” honoring his mother. He realized art was a vital part of his life when he began arranging flowers for his wife. It has become a honed skill which led him to be the the founder and creative director of Planks & Pistils design studio, which exists to design high quality floral art that evokes a social and emotional connection to Black freedom, creativity, self-care and growth. (seen in: Munaluchi Bridal, Florists’ Review Magazine, Nike) 

Social Media: IG: @planksandpistils


FB_Logo_Thin_Gold-01 (1).png

Jeanette Logan ​​​​​​​ – Flower Boys

Passionate about flowers being available to all, Jeanette Logan helped owners, Jake Rupp & Jake Smith, start Flower Boys at a cart in Indianapolis City Market in April of 2017. The Flower Boys have since moved to their own space in Fletcher Place in Spring 2021. Primarily self-taught, with help from The Flowerman (owned by Jake Smith's family), Logan has assisted in growing the wedding department from 35 weddings in 2018 to hundreds each year with an incredible team of designers. Most recently, Logan traveled to New York City to be a part of an 'Autumn in New York' workshop to learn from some of the best florists in the country. Specializing in Workshop weddings, Flower Boys are a 'The Knot: Best of Weddings' vendor for four years running and a preferred vendor for many venues in Indianapolis.

Social Media: IG: @flowerboysindy



Nicole Gilbride ​​​​​​​ – Beholden Blooms

Nicole Gilbride is a floral designer and sustainably focused flower grower at Beholden Blooms in Woodford County, KY. She has designed weddings, events, and specialty arrangements for family and friends for years, and in 2020 she took the plunge to establish her own floral business. Nicole loves curating unique color palettes, using bespoke blooms, and embracing modern and ikebana inspired designs. She believes flowers are one of nature’s many art forms and she loves sharing beauty and designs with others. She is an advocate for inclusivity and community across the floral industry and donates excess blooms from her farm and events to Veteran and Senior homes in her area. Nicole has been a Florists Review semi-finalist for Best in Blooms, an instructor for Team Flower and Fleursociety’s annual training summits, and has given a TEDx presentation on the parallels between growing teams and growing blooms. She loves sharing her passion for flowers with others and has had over 1.2M views on her videos across social media platforms in 2022. She has always wanted to participate in an Art in Bloom event, and she can’t wait to bring her designs and art to life!

Social Media: IG: @beholdenblooms FB: Beholden Blooms



Lauren, Leah, & Callie Palmer ​​​​​​​– The Wild Mother ​​​​​​​

The Wild Mother Creative Studio is a studio florist owned by Afro-Indigenous sisters, Lauren Palmer, Leah Palmer, and Callie Palmer in the heart of OKC. Their love and honor of culture, storytelling, and their affinity for natural elements and color theory lend themselves to “Floral Stories” produced by the sisters. TWM offerings include equity & community care education, large scale event floral, and holiday floral offerings.

Social Media: IG: @thewildmother



Eufloric Events

I am a dedicated and passionate certified Master Designer with an educational background in painting and art history and 33 years experience in the floral industry.

Social Media: IG: @eufloricevents FB: Eufloric Events 



Newfields Greenhouse Team