Develop and beautify The Garden

Hoosier heritage is alive and thriving in The Garden. Newfields is updating the original Olmsted Firm design, cultivating beautiful gardens for old and new visitors to enjoy.

Pollinator Meadow 


Through a generous gift from Ed Fehnel, Newfields replaced early, successional pioneer and non-native invasive species with a meadow of native plants that will enhance habitat for native bee and insect populations in our area.

In addition to creating the pollinator habitat, the meadow restores the original Olmsted Firm design. 

Erosion Mitigation 

Spring 2020 

With a gift from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, Newfields will implement an erosion mitigation plan along the banks of the White River. As a member of the Partners for the White River, Newfields is working collaboratively to improve water quality, increase public access, and foster a deeper understanding of the White River as a critical natural resource in the community. 

Not only will this allow Newfields to reopen the path around the Lake, which has been closed for two years, it fulfills the institutional value of stewardship. Newfields is committed to environmentally responsible practices and partnerships with other like-minded community organizations.

Glick Family Fountain

Spring 2021 

With a generous gift from the Glick Family Foundation and David and Jackie Barrett, Newfields can finally fund the restoration of the historic Oldfields fountain at the end of the Lilly Alleé. The new fountain will be renamed the Glick Family Fountain. 

This gift will have a transformational impact on the institution by allowing Newfields to attract a larger and more diverse audience to this iconic area of the Newfields campus.  This gift will also allow the Glick Family Fountain to feature a major glass commission that will link visitors to the Glick Glass Collection within the Indianapolis Museum of Art, giving the collection greater community exposure and impact.