Campus Improvements

Flower & Vegetable Garden and Border Gardens

Thanks to the support from numerous donors, new plans are sprouting in The Garden.  While restoring the heart of The Gardens at Newfields, we will reimagine what a flower and vegetable garden can look like, and improve the border condition on either side of the Allée leading to the Three Graces statue. 

The Flower and Vegetable Garden will be simultaneously functional and aesthetically beautiful, offering inspiration for gardeners, space for quiet reflection, and demonstrating ways to lead a healthier life. “People connect with food, they feel comfortable with it. It is the gateway to art and nature. We imagine the flower and vegetable garden and orchard as an approachable ‘gardeners’ garden’.” – Chad Franer, The Tom and Nora Hiatt Director of Horticulture.

While creating beautiful landscapes and showcasing our expertise and creativity, the newly renovated Border Gardens will provide four season interest and create destinations for guests during seasonal programming. Creating ADA accessible walkways and increased areas for rest will invite more guests to explore and experience the restorative properties associated with exposure to nature.

You can help us continue to grow and cultivate The Gardens at Newfields to ensure the stability, strength, and longevity of this truly unique place. For more information regarding these projects, please reach out to Michael Skolnick at