Seasons of Japan

What if you could visit Japan without leaving Indiana? At Newfields, you can. In 2019, a year of staggered experiences will unfold across the entire campus, focused on 700 years of Japanese art and culture. Step into the Seasons of Japan is your first stop. Guests will enter a living painting, where they can trigger surprising animations and sounds.

Orchids will dedicate a portion of its offerings to celebrating the famous flowers from the island. Fashion Redefined: Miyake, Kawakubo, Yamamoto illustrates how Japanese fashion changed western concepts of beauty. The culinary arts make their debut in the galleries with pop ups featuring Japanese food like blooming tea and ramen.

Nihontō: The Samurai Sword will display the beauty and functionality of these famous artifacts, while 47 Ronin: A Tale of Honor and Loyalty examines the popular historical tale of an attack by a group of samurai on the villa of an important government official to avenge the death of their lord. And A Brush with Beauty: Japanese Paintings in Ink, Color, and Gold highlights the best of the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s formidable collection of Edo-period art. 


Seasons of Japan is made possible in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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