Newfields Homeschool Studio

Newfields Homeschool Studio
1-3 pm

Looking for new ways to stimulate your family’s creativity? Explore art-making materials, and get tips and ideas, at these instructor-led sessions.

Upcoming Homeschool Studios 

February 12 / Madeline F. Elder Greenhouse - Finding Patterns in Paintings and Plants

Visit the IMA Galleries and the Elder Greenhouse to learn how artists and nature create interesting patterns, and be inspired to create your own. 

March 11 / Madeline F. Elder Greenhouse - The Incredible Colors of Orchids 

See how artists and orchids both use colors in fascinating ways, and explore using color yourself. 

April 8 / Studio 3 / Word(play) 

Visit the galleries to learn how artists use letters and words to create fun, interesting works of art—then create your own word-inspired work.

February 12 / March 11 / April 8
$10 members / $15 public
Registration required one week in advance
Free for ages $3 and under / Free for first adult chaperone, $5 for each additional adult