Chad Franer

The artists in the horticulture department at Newfields may sometimes be over - looked. Painters sign their canvases, but the staff and volunteers who spend their hours or careers cultivating nature often go unseen. Who better to bring visibility to one of these talented contributors than one of their team members? Here’s what Irvin Etienne, coordinator of horticulture, has to say about what it’s like to work with Chad Franer, The Tom and Nora Hiatt Director of Horticulture. To see some of Franer’s work, make sure to visit The Garden.

What does Chad bring to the team that’s particularly unique?

He understands plants from the ornamental and production side of things, from commercial landscaping to public gardening. He understands construction documents—which make absolutely no sense to me. He has an unbelievable touch with a Bobcat skid-steer and understands budget spread - sheets—neither of which makes any sense to me. But most importantly he has the ability to stay calm and rational, no matter how crazy the situation. He just doesn’t get flustered.

What’s one of Chad’s best qualities?

He is always willing to listen.

What makes Chad such a great fit at Newfields?

He can interact and deal with people of all back - grounds. He can go from digging in the mud to jacket and tie with cocktails and you get the same person. Chad is always willing to put in the extra effort and time to get things done correctly. He’s always willing to help any staff member from any department at Newfields.