Licensing and Location Shoots


Newfields welcomes proposals for photography and videography shoots in the Indianapolis Museum of Art, The Garden, Lilly House, Miller House and Garden, The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park, and other Newfields buildings. The Legal Affairs & Intellectual Property Department will work with your team to assess applications, plan logistics, and oversee on-site production.

Applications must be submitted at least three (3) months prior to the intended shoot date(s) to ensure adequate time for processing, scheduling, and obtaining any necessary permits.

Please Note: Due to the public tour schedule, the date / time availability for location shoots at Miller House and Garden is limited.

Location Shoot Application

Contact us to submit an application or to find out more:
Telephone: 317-923-1331

Reproductions of the Indianapolis Museum of Art collection, The Garden, Lilly House, Miller House and Garden, The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park, and Newfields’ buildings may be licensed for scholarly, commercial, or personal uses. For more information regarding licensing reproductions from Newfields, please review the Licensing Resource page of Newfields’ website. 



Newfields encourages everyone to be inspired by all of our collections and The Garden. To protect the objects being photographed and the copyright privileges of their creators, all photography and videography shoots at Newfields must adhere to the following guidelines to ensure the safety of the collections and the experience of future guests:

  • Photography and videography crews will be accompanied by designated Newfields staff member(s).

  • Photographs and video footage created at Newfields are granted permission for one-time use only as agreed upon.

  • Newfields retains editorial input over final content use.

  • Access is limited to the date(s) / hour(s) agreed upon.

  • Doors may not be propped or held open at any time.

  • No collection objects or furniture may be moved or used by anyone on the Photography and videography crew(s). Newfields staff will coordinate with the crew to determine if anything can be moved to accommodate the creation of particular shots.

  • Care must be taken to prevent the abrasion of walls and floors.

  • No equipment is to be placed on object cases, sculptures, or furniture, including built-in furniture.

  • Due to the light-sensitive nature of some artworks, some types of lights are restricted in the length of time they are in use and/or are not permitted altogether.

  • Furniture pads must be used underneath all photography and lighting equipment.

  • All equipment stands must be secured with sandbags to prevent falling.

  • Where possible, stands must be placed at least five (5) feet away from all artworks.

  • As with all other desired equipment to be used on a shoot, the use of drones is considered on a case-by-case basis for both interior and exterior spaces.

  • All extra equipment (extra lights, cameras, tripods, storage racks, etc.) must be kept in the area designated for storage by Newfields’ staff.

  • Wardrobe changes and makeup application must take place in the designated area only. No hairspray may be used inside the Indianapolis Museum of Art galleries, Lilly House, or Miller House and Garden.

  • Professional portrait and wedding photography is not permitted inside the Indianapolis Museum of Art galleries, Lilly House, Greenhouse, or at the Miller House and Garden.

  • Newfields reserves the right to request at least one (1) gratis copy of any publication or project that includes photographs or video footage of any parts of any of its properties.

  • Newfields reserves the right to request reciprocal use, for in-house publications, projects, or online dissemination, of images created that include any parts of any of its properties. The photographer / company will retain copyright of the photographs or video footage and will be appropriately credited in any uses of the files by Newfields.


Newfields’ Legal Affairs & Intellectual Property Department considers all commercial and editorial proposals in the same manner. Proposals are reviewed by a standing committee of interdepartmental staff who jointly represent Newfields’ views on curatorial matters, communications concerns, and legal issues. Approval of a project is dependent on many factors, including appropriateness of the project’s association with Newfields, scheduling and logistical restrictions, conservation concerns, and availability of staff and resources.


Fees are determined by a number of factors, including the duration of the shoot, the nature of the project, the type of media, the print-run or term duration, distribution area(s), and the prominence of the Newfields name and locations in the end product. Expenses are billed separately and generally include, but are not limited to, staffing, insurance, and security costs.


Newfields has standard written agreements that must be executed prior to commencement of a shoot or circulation of an advertisement. The agreements include an express license and warranty for use of Newfields intellectual property. Credit lines, copyright, and trademark notices are typically required and specified, where relevant.


All photographs and video footage of Newfields properties must be accompanied by the credit line supplied by Newfields. The Legal Affairs & Intellectual Property Department will assist applicants with additional caption information for artworks that may appear in any of the photographs and video footage.


Please note that in many cases Newfields owns only the physical object and does not assume responsibility for the associated intellectual property, including copyright, or any other legal rights involved in the publication and reproduction of materials from its collections, including at the Lilly House and the Miller House and Garden. Newfields’ charges for a location shoot do not include any fees that may be due separately to the rights owner(s) or administrator(s) (e.g., creator, representing gallery, estate, etc.).

While the Legal Affairs & Intellectual Property Department will assist applicants, when possible, with the identity and/or contact information, it is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain permission from the rights owner(s) or administrator(s). Newfields requires applicants to obtain necessary permissions as a prerequisite to completing a location shoot contract.


Insurance is necessary and expected. All applicants will be required to carry commercial general liability insurance in the amount of at least one million USD ($1,000,000.00) naming Newfields as additional insured and provide Newfields with a certificate of insurance as proof of such coverage prior to the intended shoot date. This insurance policy should contain language on a primary and non-contributory basis.


Exterior shoots at Newfields’ main campus that impact the city streets or sidewalks may require a special events permit from the City of Indianapolis. More information and the application for special events permits may be found on theCity of Indianapolis and Marion County website.

xterior shoots at the Miller House and Garden that impact the city streets or sidewalks may require a permit from the City of Columbus, Indiana. More information and the application for a request for special use of right of way may be found on the​​​​​​​ City of Columbus Engineering Department website.


The names “Newfields,” “Indianapolis Museum of Art,” “Miller House and Garden,” and some interior and exterior images of Newfields and its properties contain trademarks. They may not be used for commercial purposes without the express permission of Newfields; this includes the use of files that are lawfully obtained from an outside stock house or other source.

Unauthorized use of the names “Newfields,” “Indianapolis Museum of Art,” “Miller House and Garden,” or images of Newfields buildings, properties, domain names, exhibition names, artwork, photographs, publications, or other proprietary content is unlawful and will be pursued with appropriate legal action.

Lincoln MKX location shoot on the Sutphin Mall at Newfields.