Spring Blooms

Spring Blooms
Newfields hours

Imagine an idyllic, pastoral campus carpeted with over 500,000 blooms. A staggering cascade of flowers will unfold, from tulips to peonies. Thousands of dwarf iris, crocus, hyacinth, and early daffodils have been planted all across campus. Native, perennial wildflowers will enhance our permanent beds.  As the weather warms, the outdoor displays begin to swell. Look for the tall, Dr. Seuss-like blooms of Allium ‘White Giant’ near the Sutphin Fountain and the slate-purple colored bell-like flowers of the Persian Fritillary at the front of Lilly House. For this year’s outdoor exhibition, our massive team of staff and volunteers planted even more bulbs than last year. One hundred thousand more, to be specific. To top it off, our Beer Garden returns in the spring. You’re welcome to grab a beverage and wander The Garden. Come early and often to watch nature paint the landscape in slow motion at Newfields.

March 22 - May 26, 2019
The Garden
Included with admission