Closed - Spring Blooms

Presented by Wild Birds Unlimited

Closed - Spring Blooms
Newfields hours

Warm sun. Sweet freedom. Fragrant flowers. Defrost your winter-weary self and watch the magic of spring unfold with half a million blooms in The Garden and the galleries. At Newfields, the season begins with beautiful displays of orchids, along with small, outdoor floral gems. Then come the daffodils and hyacinths. Pansies, peonies, and cool-season veggies. Wildflowers in the woods. Don’t miss the crescendo, typically in April, when redbuds, dogwoods, and lilacs fill The Garden with a floral haze.

Our staff and volunteers planted 125,000 new bulbs for this year’s exhibition. Visit often to see new bursts of color and creativity (nature’s and our own) in displays and garden beds, and to discover take-home inspiration. Make sure to stop by the Beer Garden and let us freshen your drink. Then, stroll through the pop-up garden, a lush meadow flourishing with fritillaries–the perfect place to toast a new beginning. 

The Garden
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Art and Nature Park Bird Feeder

Through support from Jim and Nancy Carpenter and their company, Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc., bird feeding and viewing stations are attracting feathered friends to the Ruth Lilly Visitors Pavilion. The six feeders are stocked with a wide array of seeds to draw in a diverse species of birds – from well-known birds like cardinals and blue jays, to noisy woodpeckers and brightly plumaged goldfinches.