The Garden
Rapp Ravine Garden
open 11 AM - 8 PM


Adjacent to the Central Canal is the Rapp Ravine Garden. The first garden designed by Percival Gallagher for the Landon family, its rambling path embraces the topography of the site by using a series of stairs and a wooden bridge to navigate the hillside.

A stream and three pools run through the garden space, alluding to Hugh Landon’s association with the Indianapolis Water Company. The plantings were chosen to crescendo with blooms in spring and with foliage in autumn, since the Landons, like most wealthy estate owners, spent their summers in cooler climates.

Of all the garden spaces in Oldfields, the Ravine has remained truest to its original plan. It was restored in 1999 as faithfully as modern plant availability and ecological stewardship allowed. This garden really celebrates the transition seasons, shining brightest in spring and fall.

The Rapp Ravine Garden can be enjoyed by traversing its steps and hilly pathways, viewed from above at the back of the Lilly House.