Embodied: Human Figures in Art

Embodied: Human Figures in Art 
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The human form has been depicted in art for the past 40,000 years—over 30,000 years before the first known cities and written languages were developed. The universal impulse across time and culture to draw, paint, sculpt, and adapt our likenesses lies in art’s power to help us understand ourselves and our relationships to each other. Drawn from the Museum’s global collections, Embodied: Human Figures in Art addresses some of the countless motivations behind the artworks that depict our bodies and the garments that augment them. This exhibition features works from four continents that span nearly 4,000 years, and through themes including power, beauty, identity, gender, and remembrance, examines how representations of people in art allow us to explore what it means to be human.  
Embodied: Human Figures in Art will be on view on Floor 2 and is the first of many reimagined permanent collection displays that will transform how guests experience art inside the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields. 

December 22, 2021
Indianapolis Museum of Art Galleries at Newfields

Embodied: Human Figures in Art is part of the Gallery Revisioning Project with funding generously provided by Kay F. Koch.

Japanese (artist, Heian Period), Standing Bishamonten (detail), late 1100s, wood and polychrome paint, figure: 45 in., spear: 49-1/4 in., wheel: 12-1/2 (diam.) in. Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields, Jane Weldon Myers Art Fund, The Ballard Fund, Lucille Stewart Endowed Art Fund, Nancy Foxwell Neuberger Acquisition Endowment Fund, 2010.234A-C.