Contemporary Art Society

The Contemporary Art Society (CAS) promotes the understanding, appreciation, and collection of contemporary art.  As a member of CAS, you’ll have access to curators, artists, private collections, and travel through a series of social and educational events.  Some notable artists who have held CAS-sponsored lectures include Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Dawoud Bey, Alfredo Jaar, Orly Genger, Josephine Meckseper, Tara Donovan, Erwin Wurm, Michelle Grabner, Richard Wentworth and Jacco Olivier.

Consider taking advantage of this opportunity to contribute to contemporary art acquisitions and participate in voting to bring selected works into the collection.

The Contemporary Art Society is led by a Board of Directors and is advised by Daniel Mason, Consulting Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, as well as Elisabeth Smith, Curatorial Assistant and Affiliate Liaison.

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Clayton Miller, President
Janneane Blevins, Vice-President
Nela Swinehart, Treasurer
Jenny Skehan, Secretary
Mindy Taylor Ross, Dorothy Alig, Dr. Beth Peyton, Carter Wolf, Anne Surak, Christopher West, Danicia Monét, Kyle Herrington, Anna Martinez, Megan Bogard Gettelfinger, Anna White, At-Large
Travis DiNicola, Past President


Become a member of CAS today! In order to be eligible for membership in the CAS, you must be an IMA member.

$50 Member

All membership levels include one household or one individual plus a guest. CAS membership is completely tax-deductible.


Contemporary Art Society