Asian Art Society

The Asian Art Society (AAS) has worked to strengthen the Museum’s renowned collection of Asian Art since it was founded in 1975.

As an AAS member, you’ll support the Asian art collection by assisting in the selection and acquisition of new works of art for the Asian Art Department.  You’ll be able to attend AAS-sponsored dinners and lectures with prominent art collectors, historians, and dealers. Events hosted by the AAS have included lectures on such topics as Life and Art in the Ming Dynasty, Japanese Screens, The Art of Kabuki, and many more.

The AAS is led by a Board of Directors and is advised by John Teramoto, Curator of Asian Art, and a Museum Affiliate liaison.

View images from past AAS events on Flickr.


J. Scott Keller, President
Marcia Krieg, Co-secretary
Jane R. Nolan, Co-secretary
Nancy S. Inui, Treasurer
Michelle Reinhold, Member at Large
James Robinson, Member at Large
Nancy Smith, Member at Large
Marguerite K. Shepard, Member at Large
Zora Dunn, Member at Large
Marni R. Fechtman, Communications Officer
Kwan Hui, Member at Large
Gordon K. Winter, Ex-Officio


James R. Hebden
Kwan and Hsin Hui
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Hurwitz
Nancy and Thomas Inui
Scott and Caran Keller
In Memory of Thomas Kuebler
James and Patricia LaCrosse
Carlos and Eli Lopez
Patricia and Niels Lyster
Dr. James Robinson and Dr. Annette D. Schlagenhauff
Nancy C. Smith and James W. Smith
Ed and Carol Smithwick


Become a member of the AAS today! In order to be eligible for membership in the AAS, you must be a Newfields member.

$50 Membership

Please make checks payable to the Asian Art Society and mail to:
Affiliate Support
4000 Michigan Road
Indianapolis, IN 46208


Asian Art Society