Monster Drawing Rally

Monster Drawing Rally
1-5:30 pm

Newfields is partnering with Sun King Brewing to bring you Monster Drawing Rally, an art-making spectacle featuring more than 30 local artists, creating works in one-hour rounds at 1:30, 2:30, and 3:30 pm. Each completed drawing is available for sale as soon as it hits the wall (first-come, first-served) for a flat price of $35. 

Help Sun King spread holiday cheer by bringing new and gently used outdoor toys (think basketballs, footballs, rollerblades, and more). All of your toys will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Indiana and Playworks Indiana.

December 15
Sun King Brewery

Meet the Artists

Check out our participating artist's Instagrams and get ready to buy one of their mini masterpieces this year. 

Kate Oberreich - @seedandstar

Lauren Smith - @1ofmanylaurens

Israel Solomon - @israelsoloart

Miranda Thomas - @mirandart217

William Denton Ray - @whimsicalfunk

Lydia Burris - @madartistlydia

Will Knapp - @oddygaul

Jingo M. de la Rosa - @jingoillo

Kyle Ragsdale - @kyleragsdale

Quincy Owens - @QuincyOwensArt

Kipp Normand - @kipp.normand

Joshua Seijo Bleeker - @sigh_o

Cody Coffman - @codycoffmanart

Phillip Lynam - @p_lynam

Allison Horner - @allisonjhorner 

Lisa Sears - @lisamarie_sears

Brittany Murray - @brittanymurrayart

George Meluch - @george_meluch

Krystle Rouse - @sharkart82

Olivia Holt - @oh_makesart

Eve Victoria Eggleston - @eveggleston_art

Whitten Sullivan Watson - @whittenwatson

Kasey May - @kaseykmay

Bryan Michael Hartnett - @bryanmichaelhartnettart

Ess McKee - @essmckee